Welcome to The Canine Crunchery, Inc! We are Rockford’s very own bakery providing wholesome, fresh baked treats to pamper your pooch with. Our bakery specializes in baking treats for a variety of dietary needs. All our ingredients are approved and we will even be offering the grain-free biscuits for the pups that need a little extra pamper. Sammie, the crazy Papi-chon and Millie, the Chihuahua-Jack are taking us to new heights, taste-testing every treat we create. We are always creating new styles of biscuits that will be offered to the tiny canine friends as well as our wonderfully yummy biscuits the larger breeds loved so dearly. Visit us at our NEW Location:

1888 Daimler Road

Rockford, IL 61112

Use our location tab to find out where else you can find our biscuits close to home!

Bone Appetit!

-Jane Femminella


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Becky

    Our extreamly spoiled and finicky cocker, Sadie loves your dog biscuits. I’m not sure she realizes that she is a dog and loves the little round cheese cookies.

  2. I’m so glad! The Bailey’s Beefy Cheddar Bones are a limited supply item so when you know you are coming in, call ahead. Then I can set a bag aside for you or put them on production so we have some ready. Thank you again for your feedback.


  3. Anonymous

    I just recently purchased some biscuits and muffins at the Dog Wash yesterday and I def will be back… My dogs sniffed out my bag as soon as I got home and they love them!! I love them too knowing they are handmade and all natural.. Thankyou!!

  4. We are so glad that your dog is enjoying the biscuits. Stop in our bakery, if you have not done so already, to sample more delicious treats. There are many to choose from. Also, click on our LOCATIONS TAB to check out what store location close to you carries our biscuits. We hope to see you again soon. Jane

  5. Lisa August

    I picked up some of your treats at the holiday event at Meye r’s a few weeks ago. One of my dogs has kidney failure and is fed the KD dog foods to restrict his protein. Can you tell me if you have any dog treats that have no protein?

  6. Julie

    Ellie’s favorite place to stop is the Canine Crunchery! She loves Jane and all the yummy stuff ! She never leaves empty handed. If you want a place to take your pup this is the place!

  7. Emily Miller

    Hey all! Wanted to see about a 2 small (2 smaller dogs ) cake/ something with their names. Ziggy and Ruby are the names. Working on Dancing with the Stars at work. They are smaller dogs.

    Thanks ! It’s Friday night so I know it’s quick thing.

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